Ebook Giveaway - How To

A Featured Article by Riley Amos Westbrook

Now to show you how to do an ebook giveaway. The first one of these I did, with minimal effort, I was able to put out over 100 books. I’ll admit, I didn’t garner many reviews, but I didn’t ask for them either.

The steps are fairly straightforward, but I’ve included pictures to help.

Step 1
Go To Events:

Step 2: Make an event.

Step 3: Type in your info. Be sure to include website and other pertinent info. Set your start date for when you wish the giveaway to end.

Step 4. Share with friends!

Facebook sharing is a pain, you can only invite one at a time. Goodreads sharing is better, you can invite an entire page of friends, but must cycle through them to include all if you have a lot of them.

And there ya go! You’ve created your very own ebook giveaway!