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Samuel Marquis

Author of "The Fourth Pularchek"

Having miraculously survived to adulthood, I am the bestselling, award-winning author of the Nick Lassiter-Skyler International Espionage Series, a World War Two Series, and the Joe Higheagle Enviro-Sleuth Series. My always-diligent publicity team would also like you to know that my thrillers have been #1 Denver Post bestsellers, received multiple national book awards (Foreword Reviews Book of the Year, USA Best Book, Beverly Hills, Next Generation Indie, Colorado Book Awards), and garnered glowing reviews from #1 bestseller James Patterson, Kirkus, and Foreword Reviews (5 Stars). Wish I knew how or why; if you find out please tell me. Even more surprisingly, book reviewers have compared my WWII thrillers Bodyguard of Deception and Altar of Resistance to the epic historical novels of Tom Clancy, John le Carré, Ken Follett, Herman Wouk, Daniel Silva, and Alan Furst. For those interested, my website is http://samuelmarquisbooks.com/ and for publicity inquiries, please contact JKS Communications at info@jkscommunications.com.

Best of luck to all Indies! May the Force be with us all!

Nick Lassiter-Skyler International Espionage Series

World War Two Series

Joe Higheagle Environmental Sleuth Series

J.D. Cunegan

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Fresh off his debut novel Bounty, J.D. Cunegan introduces his intense follow-up, Blood Ties, a mixture of murder mystery and superhero epic that re-introduces the reader to his comic book-inspired storytelling and fast-paced prose. A 2006 graduate of Old Dominion University, Cunegan has an extensive background in journalism and a lifelong love for writing. Cunegan lives in Hampton, Virginia, enjoys reading, and is an avid auto racing fan.

Suzanna J. Linton

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Suzanna J. Linton is an indie author of fantasy and urban fantasy and her next novel, Clara's Return, comes out in May. She's been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil and make word-shapes with it. She lives in Florence, SC with her husband and their small herd of pets.

Ken Doggett

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Ken has been writing for many years, starting with short stories he submitted to the various Science Fiction magazines of those days.  He became a published author when "Timestopper" appeared in the July 1981 issue of Amazing Stories.  Currently he self publishes his own novels and short-story collections.

J. Riley Castine

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J. Riley Castine is a blogger, photographer, fiction writer, wanderer of the Internet, avid husband and father.  He enjoys stories of all kinds and maintains an Internet presence at http://www.jrcastine.com.

Denis Hearn

Europe 2012 Sept Oct 053.jpg

Born and educated in Ireland, I worked in the film and video business as a cameraman and producer until I retired. My writing career began in the sixties with poetry and short stories and now continues full time. I currently reside in Atlanta. 

B.L. Blair

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B. L. Blair writes simple and sweet romance and mystery/romance stories. Like most authors, she has been writing most of her life and has dozens of books started. She just needs the time to finish them. 

Clayton Williamson

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Clayton Williamson's past endeavors include songwriting, filmmaking, and video game item descriptions. He also unironically loves 'Invisible Touch' by Genesis and 'Kickstart My Heart' by Mötley Crüe. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his girlfriend and their two pups.

P J Byer


After a long, distinguished career as a teacher, PJ has written a well reviewed first novel, Collision, in her Young Adult Trial Bay series with the prequel to follow in 2016. Set on Australia’s mid north coast, Collision is a contemporary, action-packed mystery about runaway teen, Stella Lawson, who has flashbacks to Trial Bay Gaol a century earlier and German World War One internee Gustav Becker.

PJ has a diverse range of interests, including reading, bushwalking, a cappella harmony singing, film, theatre, swimming as well as volunteer work for a disaster relief charity called ShelterBox. 

Don Candy

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Engineer, commercial pilot, flight instructor, sailing instructor and retired CEO;  Don Candy led a life of adventure. His life experiences  led to the first in his series of Sam McKensie novels.  He, his wife Karan,
their son and daughter and their four grandchildren  enjoy  traveling, sailing, skiing and water sports.

Ian Miller

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I am a semi-retired scientist and businessman who is writing science fiction in a style that aims to embed material that shows something of what science is, and how it can influence economies. The stories are about the use and misuse of power and influence, and of the consequences, and are inspired in part by the misuse of influence that I have seen during my life.

Joshua Robertson


Joshua lives in Alaska with his wife and children. In 1999, he began crafting the world for Thrice Nine Legends, including the dark fantasy novels, Anaerfell, Melkorka, and Dyndaer. He is also the author of the Hawkhurst Saga. His short story, Grimsdalr, is inspired by the tale of Beowulf.

Hank Quense


Hank Quense writes humorous and satiric scifi and fantasy stories. He also writes about fiction writing and self-publishing. 

He and his wife, Pat, usually vacation in another galaxy or parallel universe.

K. Kidd

K. Kidd was seventeen when she started working for the Federal Government in Washington DC.  At age twenty-one she met Soviet KGB defector Sergei Kourdakov.  “You could be spy,” Sergei whispered after their first date.  A Rose for Sergei is the heartfelt true story of their time together.

Maureen K. Howard

Maureen K. Howard is the pen name of mother/daughter writing team Maureen Kovach and Brigette Howard. We both live in Findlay, Ohio, and have been enjoying summers at the lake for over twenty years. We draw our inspirations for our detailed settings, lively characters, and many of the plot twists from people, places, and adventures very dear to our hearts.

Patrick Tylee

Patrick was born in the sunny and hot southwestern United States, and now lives there in a small town of just over ten thousand people. As a child, his favorite place was the public library. In college he studied art, business management, and later computer technology and adaptive education.

Lisa Richesson 

Lisa Richesson is a wife, mother, grandmother and friend.  She’s lived in Seattle, Washington all her life.  She’s been a contributor to an anthology about the mental health system and has published travel essays on London, book reviews and her first book, White Lady, Black Sons: a memoir of adoption, abuse and awakening.

Ruth Kaufman

Ruth Kaufman is an Amazon bestselling Chicago author, on-camera and voiceover talent, freelance editor and speaker with a J.D. and a Master’s in Radio/TV.

THE BRIDE TOURNAMENT is the third standalone book in her Wars of the Roses Brides series. Writing accolades include Romance Writers of America® 2011 Golden Heart® winner and runner up in RT Book Reviews’ national American Title II contest.

D.E. Morris


D.E. Morris has been a sci-fi/fantasy geek since he first flew down the Death Star trench with Luke and trudged the weary road to Mordor with Frodo. D.E. did not grow up with a television and has been a voracious reader from a young age, as books became his entertainment. Current influences include Douglas Adams and Steven Moffat (as well as being an obsessive Doctor Who fan).

GG Atcheson

After she encountered strange lights in the sky, GG Atcheson became obsessed with extra-terrestrial life. She often daydreams about possible life in the universe.  When she's not stargazing, she reads, or plays MMORPG on the computer.  

Chikamso Efobi


Chikamso (Chika for short) is an avid reader, writer and lover of nature. She published her first inspiring coming of age novel, Twisted in a Positive Way in the United Kingdom where she currently lives and works. She is also a self-professed food aficionado, green tea drinker and writes motivational and personal development posts on her blog, Twisted in a Positive Way.

Dwayne Fry

A "mad scientist" of literature, Dwayne tackles numerous topics and genres, ads his own bizarre and humorous twists to them and releases the monsters upon the unsuspecting public.

Jack Lourens

My passion is writing books that stay in the memory. Under the pen name Jack Lourens, my first two books are set in America in the period after 1800 through to 1815. Under Robert Smith I have written King Naresuan the Great, the amazing story of Thailand's national hero, and am about to release "The Kings of Ayuthaya."

Gary Green

Gary Green grew up on his family's small dairy farm in central Minnesota. After working for over twenty years in the mental health field, he retired in 2013. His award winning "In Pursuit of Joy" chronicles his recovery from depression and alcoholism.

Amanda Siegrist

Amanda Siegrist has always been a fan of romance novels. She worked in the Criminal Justice field until she had the opportunity to become a stay-at-home mom. Now, in between raising her children, she writes contemporary and suspenseful romance novels.

SJ Epps

SJ Epps is an indie author who writes about controversial subject matters in modern society that shapes American culture. The first novel, Hibernation (Volume One), is a fictional book depicting what it would be like to live in a spiritually oppressed country in a gay-dominated society. Although the topic addressed is controversial, the author strives to ensure that the writing is reader-friendly and enjoyable.

Connie Lacy

Connie makes use of her years as a radio reporter and news anchor to liven up her novels. She’s published a time travel novel, a novel about an unusual clairvoyant, and is currently writing book #3 of her Climate Fiction trilogy set a hundred years in the future. She lives in Atlanta with her husband.

Janet Leigh Green

Janet Leigh Green lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, Singer, Songwriter and Producer,  Tuffy Green. Unspeakable Acts is Janet's first novel and the first in the McQueen Investigation Series. Book-2, Despicable Witch is due out soon.

Jack Dunning

I didn’t get serious about writing until I reached the age of 80 but since that age (I’m 84 now) have completed a novel, NYMPHOMANIA BLOODLUST, and a memoir about my wild drinking days, WITHOUT THE LAMPSHADE-How I Learned to Love my Brown Martini. I have completed and submitted five short stories to various magazines, selling one, “Snuffy’s Last Walk”. I am currently working on a new novel about how the U.S. Presidency is pirated by right wing fanatics who use holograms to create a mock President to do their bidding.

Dr. Janet Maker

Dr. Janet Maker's newest book, "The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission," will be published in early 2017. The purpose of the book is patient empowerment. You can preview the book and read excerpts at the website: twgbreastcancer.com. You can also subscribe to her free weekly newsletter, which will keep you up to date about breast cancer, and her biweekly blog which features topics of interest to everyone affected by breast cancer.

  • Website
  • The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer - Coming February 2017

C.L. Wells

C.L. Wells is an indie author who writes paranormal, science fiction, and crime/adventure thrillers.  He is the founder of Creative Writing with a Mission – an organization committed to positive creative standards and supporting worthy causes that help make our world a better place.  To learn more about C.L.’s books or about Creative Writing with a Mission, visit www.fictionwithamission.com.

Amy J. Murphy

The shady underworld of the grade school essay black market was indie author and SFWA member Amy J. Murphy's introduction to the possibility of writing things for money. Although her career path took a separate (and more honest) direction, she worked on personal writing projects until self-publishing in the military science fiction/space opera genres. Her debut title, Allies and Enemies: Fallen, was a Dragon Award finalist for Best Military Science Fiction Novel. Learn more at www.amyjmurphy.com. 

Luke P. Narlee

My name is Luke P. Narlee, and I’m an indie author from Baltimore, Maryland. I just published my first novel titled “Guest Bed,” about a marriage in crises, and the mystery that develops when the husband meets a mysterious stranger on his way to work. I have another novel titled “The Appointment,” book one of a dystopian trilogy due out in March of 2017.

S.W. Frontz

S.W. Frontz lives in East Tennessee with her husband, Rusty, and their furbaby, Mandy.  She lives in the shadow of the Appalachian Mountains but loves the ocean and sets her books by the sea.  Author of the Land’s End Series, When the Morning Comes and Don’t Look Back; the third book in the series(no title yet) is tentatively scheduled for release May 2017.

Sincere James

Sincere James, a midwest native of Kansas City, Missouri. As an author of erotic tales, her completed works include Off Limits, which immediately set the stage for the highly anticipated return of drama-filled chaos among several dysfunctional characters in Without Limitations. She initially began writing as a pastime, never expecting for her personal and seemingly private thoughts, let alone her inner secrets, to ever appeal to others to read for entertainment.


Gene Poschman

I have written numerous unpublished short stories and two novels, which shared the same fate, probably for good reason. I did create a political comic book, which has been self-published. My latest book has gotten very good reviews, even from non-family members.

Roo I MacLeod

Roo I MacLeod is an Australian author, lost in Old Blighty, writing a path back to God’s own country. He is the author of the Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series, with No More Heroes and Heroes Don’t Travel available to buy now with Heroes Don’t Cry available in May 2017.

Susan Appleyard

I was born in England, which is where I learned to love English history, and now divide my time between Canada and Mexico. I was fortunate to have two books published traditionally and I have now published 6 ebooks. My latest book will be available on Amazon in the spring.

Kathryn Occhipinti

Dr. Kathryn Occhipinti is a radiologist of Italian-American descent who has been leading Italian language groups in the Peoria and Chicago areas for about 10 years. 

Using her experiences as a teacher and frequent traveler to Italy, she wrote the Conversational Italian for Travelers series of books, which follow the character Caterina on her travels through Italy, while at the same time introducing the fundamentals of the Italian language. 

The Conversational Italian books are friendly, humorous, and combine travel tips with language lessons; they contain everything you need to know to enjoy your trip to Italy!

The books can be found at: Amazon.com Conversational Italian for Travelers  and www.LearnTravelItalian.com   

Anita Dickason

After retiring from the Dallas Police Department, I embarked on a new career, author and publisher. Characters with unexpected skills—that extra ability for overcoming danger and adversity, have always intrigued me, and add my infatuation with myths and legends of Native American Indians and Scottish and Irish folklore; well, you have the backdrop for my characters. On the publishing side, it is a joy to work with other authors and help them publish their books.

William Charles Furney

William Charles Furney was born and raised in the “Down East” region of coastal North Carolina where pirates are local legends and their folklore lives on still. After arming himself with a BS degree from the University of Colorado's School of Journalism in Boulder, he ventured out into the world as a reporter where he proceeded to hone his skills at pissing people off with the written word. A former soldier, journalist, and communication professional, William tapped into a lifetime of experiences and adventures to craft a pirate tale in the tradition of Captain Blood and Treasure Island. 

Ann Livi Andrews

Early in 2015, I realized that it wasn’t enough for me to just write. I wanted to offer the help that no one offered me as an indie author several years prior. So I began a Goodreads group called Support for Indie Authors.