Kindle, Createspace & well, Everything Else. . .

So you're getting ready to Self Publish your first book. Congratulations!

But now you have a plethora of questions to answer. Like:

  • Do I make it available via ebook only? Or should I consider Paperbacks and Hardbacks? 
  • Should I only sell on Amazon?
  • What about Barnes & Noble, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and all those other sites? 
  • Wait, what is Wattpad?
  • What is Amazon's KDP program?
  • Where's my migraine medicine? 

We feel your pain. We've all been through it. While we cannot make those decisions for you (because that's part of why you want to be an indie author, right? You get the power to make ALL your own writing decisions!) we can help you find the information you need to make informed decisions. 

V.M. Sawh’s Top 10 Wattpad Tips

  1. Serialize your fiction on a schedule. Post a chapter a week, at the same bat-time on the same bat-story. This will get people excited to see what happens next, like on Game of Thrones. Remember no murder-orgies please. Think of the children.
  2. Keep the chapters about 1500-2000 words. Short enough to read on a mobile device, on a free period before next class, or on the bus.
  3. Share your story with the community! Wattpadders are very active both on the Wattpad Clubs and on Twitter. Hashtag your story with #Wattpad or any of its derivatives to get it noticed. Take some time to find the right club that’s interested in your work and say hello! Most clubs will have a designated board for you promote your work.
  4. Cast your story! Wattpad wants you and your audience to dream, so cast your characters with whomever you like. You will have this option when you upload your story for the first time.
  5. As you upload each chapter of your work, feel free to link a book trailer or some music via Youtube to that chapter. That way your readers have the opportunity to add to enjoy some media while they read! Welcome to the future. Please enjoy your stay.
  6. Get your social media connections up! Wattpad is fully integrated, with cross-promotional links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, so if you don’t have those setup, consider Wattpad one more reason to do so. While you the Wattpadders might not necessarily follow your work to an Amazon Author page, they’re most likely already on the other social networks. More followers means more exposure on more channels.
  7. Use your Wattpad story link as a free giveaway to any potential readers. Wattpad allows anyone with the link to read the first bit of your profile and story without signing in. This serves the same purpose of the amazon link, without the added ‘Buy Now’ pressure.
  8. Make sure you tag your work! Tags help Wattpad sort your story into its appropriate category. Wattpad’s front page always has the trending tags, so see if your story matches up and go for it!
  9. Take part in a writing contest! Wattpad always has tons of them going on. They are all free to enter. 
  10. Put a call to action hook at the end of each chapter. Each chapter counts as a read, and offers them the opportunity to say something, so make them count. Sometimes your readers will be so engrossed in your story they’ll forget to vote, comment and share, so give them a gentle reminder.